@Maria, that lady who appeared at the end of Ep 20 is Kim Hye Soo, the lead actress in Queen of Office. also the drama is so amazing i wanted all the cast to be in season 2 but thats okay. This is the best drama 2016! I just want to say ? so why i can't find any articles about this one? Daisy Nov 30 2016 5:47 pm Hats off to the actors, characters and the whole team. Really wish I could enjoy this as what the majority seems to be saying. It is evident in this drama as well, although they don't really have a loveline. ♥♥♥, Someone Dec 19 2016 8:17 am Paul Wrightsman Oct 16 2017 8:19 pm Yang Se Jong doesn't seem like he's a rookie. Location: 5300 N Park Dr, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109, USA. I really love it. What was that scene? But i will defo be watching the season 2 no matter what !!!! glad i did, even though some dialogue is...typical...shounen manga/anime it threw me off but its just a very veeeeery little part that can be very skipped. Sana-tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Jan 17 2017 4:35 am Precious Jan 13 2017 9:30 am My impression when I saw her was that she is matcha Dec 20 2016 8:55 am I know the character in typical kdrama fashion will change and soften as times go but like, can he stop being annoying now. Doldam hospital is now short of human resources. Jersey Shore: Wedding do-over, Dr. Drew, Uncle Nino and Snooki doll hook up on new trailer. absolutely love the atmosphere of the first ep but sadly I don't think it's going to stay that way. i like this drama so much.. i am always excited every week because i want to watch... while watching this drama i keep remembering dr yoon seo jung's MESSED UP TANGO in another miss oh (i also loved that). I underestimate this drama because of the title, but it's the best medical kdrama for my opinion.. Yumi95 Nov 29 2016 7:00 am Boo Yong-Joo runs the shabby clinic Doldam. The ensemble of actors are truly amazing too. He just looked at the blank page and laughed, was it something related to what Chairman Shin narrated "do you remember the time..." or something? W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); i'm not interesting at this at all...just waiting for January to come fast...because of Defendant. And yelling or debating in front of patients is no manner. I thought i can perform the surgery already! I watched several of Yoo Yeon Seok's movies n series & they were good, but this drama is when i'd say i fall in love with him, though this drama isn't focus on Dong Joo & Seo Joon romance, but whenever they have the romantic scene,which is few, they did it so good in a cute way .. tho it wouldn't be bad if the drama stayed like ep1 for a few more episodes xD. So so so in love with this dramaaaaaaa , every episodes are so knowledgeable and this drama should be watch to those who wants to be a doctor so they get the feelings meh, smileyme Mar 29 2017 2:16 am Nana Aug 19 2017 8:49 am Cmiiw. awesome cast, awesome story. Yoo yeon seok so handsome.. loly Nov 16 2016 7:59 pm Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is the most realistic, detailed and awe-inspiring medical Kdrama ever!!!! Keep it up med team!!! @Rachel maybe Korea is running out for Doctors that's why they promoted this profession through Dramas lol...anyway there's a lot of series for the Doctors indeed but still i care to watch.. know why? Nice drama... pkachu Nov 19 2020 8:07 am It's not that good. one of instrumental soundtracks similar to sherlock series' soundtrack.. UK Drama. Yoo Yeon Seok honestly had me a little worried early on; Jeju Gatsby (Warm and Cozy) didn't give him much chance to show his skill, and next to Seo Hyun Jin, who rocked the socks off of the other-other Oh Hae Young recently and also performed fantastically elsewhere, all the way back to, maybe before, Feast of the Gods, I thought he might be, like with Jeju Gatsby, a prop for the female lead... he's thankfully done really well. https://mydramalist.com/19510-romantic-doctor-teacher-kim/cast Keep it up.. Hope they could give us a good ending (unlike yongpal wherein I expected too much but seems like that drama end was been rush). I've been waiting for the ending song for so long and it's killing me! Synopsis Dr. The drama is good but I don't find spark chemistry between my Too Yeon Suk and Seo Hyun Jin even if they shared a kiss in episode 1. RDTK Dec 31 2016 10:48 pm @Nana iirc, Dr Yoon was Kim Sabu's first surgery at the Doldam Hospital. It has kept me riveted to the screen since day one. Do and Dr. Song ? Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web https://bit.ly/2HDqO8h Want to watch on your phone? DramaAddicts Aug 17 2020 1:02 pm It was in episode 20 in the drawing Chairman Shin left for Kim Sabu. And I have watched a few. Doctor is a very serious profession. In season 2 even 3 hope all casts are remain. A good drama with a gripping plot that will hook you to each episode. This drama is so good! ^^. The medical cases are really interesting as well. Or what? I like that. She is supposed to be an intelligent, gutsy doctor but her actions sometimes are just over the top and idiotic. Yoo Yeon Sook seems hardly working to build the chemistry while Seo Hyun jin always looking half hearted. BlackNWhite Jan 08 2018 9:17 am Season 1 needs to have a continuation? He seems to hold everything with contempt, taking out his anger 'cause of his past on everyone. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); My favorite Kdrama???????? Cant wait for the next episode >.< seo hyun jin please accept!! Five minutes into the series, I could not help to think this is the Korean version of Dr. X, a very entertaining Japanese drama. Eehh Woo Jin malah nitip berkasnya di meja dokter Bae. I am watching this series due to a recommend from a friend. Watched this while waiting for new episode of Yo Yoon Seok's current drama. This is seriously the BEST hospital based drama I have ever watched!!! Feels kinda rushed/forced and unnatural. They are so comfortable with each other even off-screen. DAE to BAK especially the role of han suk kyu. Freshblood Jan 24 2020 4:25 am chia.s Jan 11 2017 7:29 am I want much more and focus about medical lecture. Highly Recommend this series to everyone and make sure u watch the first season before season 2. reem Nov 10 2020 11:51 am Han Suk Kyu portrayed the role very well and of course I love Seo Hyun Jin since Let's Eat. Well I have warned you, people! This drama deserves all the love and recognition it is getting. Anna Nov 01 2016 7:47 pm Nicey Jan 13 2017 7:09 pm This is one of the great drama I've ever seen. Mail (required but will not be published). Better than Good Doctor and Doctors. CarolAnn1925 Nov 08 2016 2:27 am At the time Nurse Oh hasn't worked at Doldam, but another hospital. @Blondbs, Mr. Goo is played by Lee Kyu-ho. This is one fantastic drama. Does anyone know what happened between 14 years ago and 5 years ago? Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love d storyline so far...it refresh ur mind how to be a good man..I'm in love with their characters ..how they conquer tribulances.. In 2nd season there wasn't something or explanation about that scene.... Actually what was it? this drama has a high rating for a very good reason. teacher kim can teach me what it is profession .seo jung is adorable doctor. Allow me leaving out common sense to say this one; seo hyun jin has a duality of personality, the sweet fish in the pond or the shark of the predator ha ha ha. ashie Dec 28 2016 4:03 pm I love Dr Kim hope in season 3 all casts in season 1 will be back please..Dr Kang and Crazy Whale..i love all casts here..great acting all here love them. Daebak drama! Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web https://bit.ly/2U60i9t Want to watch on your phone? im now attached to kim sabu and the staffs of doldam,, pls pls pls season 3 with the casts of season 1 and season 2,, it will be great!!!!!!! kang dong joo was shit doctor firstly. the plot like doctors? I just don't understand why people aren't talking about this..I mean just look at the ratings! Love from philippines! My heart is full of joy as I watched every episode. !Big credits to the producer, casts, writers and to the whole team. I was hooked since the first episode, although at first i was in doubt to watch since it is the third medical drama i watched this year. DR kim Dr Kang oppa..they are all great in acting..Yoon Seo Joong everyone is good. Cheers! Yoo Yeon Seok is extra handsome in this drama, especially in later episodes. The side stories are great as well. Reading the notes again I just realized they offered Seojung role to Lim Soo Jung but she declined. romance is just a filler to medical plot. Of course the situation and act will be not exactly like real life. I really love her with Yoo Yeon Seok from perfect proposal. In real life, they are not too oa. He nailed it. I enjoyed watching it till the end! query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); So happy that he did a cameo appearance in S2. Nimi Jan 25 2017 10:22 pm 8-9), Lee Kang-uk as a patient and driver who caused a six-fold collision by drunk driving, Park Yeong-soo as the general manager of the Disease Control Center Department, Kim Se-joon as a paramedic transferring patients to Doldam Hospital, Kim Min-sang as Reporter Oh Sung-jae (Ep. The only actress that best for Yoo Yeon Suk as a girlfriend is his Warm and cozy leading lady Kang So Ra. They have same motivation to be doctor. Daebak! I wish there were more dramas like this. kakkoi04 Feb 10 2020 4:27 pm The story is mindblowing. bc if njh gets it and lsk isn't the lead actress im gonna be pissed lmao. Lovelyn Angelic May 03 2020 9:50 am The plot is too cliche and too overact. But the kissing scene and car accident? The best drama i ever seen for korean drama..a lot of new thing that we can learn from this drama..every scene really make my heart pumping...enjoyable and cannot wait to watch next episod..another 3 episode...good job for all production team and especially all the actor and actress..really make this drama perfect... Aishah Jan 10 2017 5:45 am Congrats to RDTK best SBS Drama 2016...!!! Another drama with Dong Joo and Seo Jung, romantic comedy maybe??? maria Jan 17 2017 3:10 am Previously, I saw her in another series,she was younger,if i remember corect the title was "the Musical"at that time she not impress me to much, but As an adult actress in this series is more beautiful and much better,i completely fell in love(sorry for my english but i'm hungarian is not my nativ language), Lost Dec 09 2016 7:07 pm The entire cast and extras were amazing, the team behind the scenes done an excellent job and the writing was superb. Dr. Yoon playing "Loser" by BigBang. :), Puteri Nov 07 2016 9:57 pm Good characters (there are unique characters and common character in real life) thunbs up for this drama! After watching 4 episodes, i get hooked on it. Extremely recommended to everyone to watch it. Or was it the manga itself? i hope so. Awesome. daebak,tv rating of this drama is high. hope all doctors are like master kim. The music sounds a bit similiar with doctor x... looks promising... lhay Oct 04 2016 4:28 am And then here I am, completely engrossed in this drama. Dimpy Dec 20 2016 12:36 pm Decent story, enough to keep interest up and the story on-going. Nice but not that good. :). mingirim Jan 31 2017 12:19 pm I love this so much! S1 just have a better script, for me? Love this drama, the best medical drama ever. Ohh no, Angga Nov 17 2016 5:56 am But since everyone is saying the second season is better, I have a high expectation for it now. Watching this drama confirmed to me that he is a good actor. To submit items for consideration, write to On the Towns, Sunday New Jersey Section, The New York Times… good story hope the ending will be a happy ending. Romantic - Episode 7 sub Indo, dibintangi Han Suk-Kyu,Yoo Yun-Suk, Im Won-Hee, Kim Min-Jae dan Seo Hyun-Jin, Jin Kyung di VIU. Michael Feb 19 2017 7:10 am The romance feels forced. This drama has a lot of medical cases in each episode. pja Jan 02 2017 9:54 pm michael from Ssangmun High and Yonsei University of Reply 1988 and Reply 1994!!! This is just only for my opinion. Sally Nov 10 2016 7:47 pm The drama just ended and I miss Yeon Seok already!!! Intense drama...all the actors deserve to be recognized for their acting. His acting is superb. I am sure she is mouthing the lines given her but she could try to day them with a bit of maturity. M Jan 31 2017 12:17 pm A very good drama. Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce, The Stranger - Billy Joel (intro song) Omgg!!! At first I thought she would be obnoxious, but she's awesome. Couldn't believe I'm already done with it. so it kinda feels lacking. Cia kim Nov 10 2016 11:31 pm He's the only one who looks natural and we all know the reason because he's veteran actor. I want to watch other dramas of them before, but I think it would be different. I hope to see more. Ally Sep 27 2018 8:58 am can't wait to watch the next episode. yoonseok really did amazing acting out dongjoo's character and same goes for hyunjun portraying seojung's character. please trailer for episode 9, erin Dec 01 2016 8:48 pm Just saw the drama 1st episode, its good different from Doctors, Seo Hyun Jin is one of the best actress around and Yoo Yeon Seok its a good actor. Hyun jin nuna was awesome as always.. I've been looking for those music recently, thank you, But for those who curious about the instrumental song it's from Sherlock Holmes BBC - The Game is On, And Yoo Yeon Seok really look alike Sehun from EXO ♡♡♡. dion mufty Sep 07 2016 8:56 pm I want a honest opinion please. But Goblin is my #1 :). Han Suk Kyu's comeback is triumphant, he even won the Daesang as Master Kim. Superman Spiderman Dec 01 2017 12:38 am (SBS) Dr. Park lets the committee do a second-level investigation into the hospital itself as a way to set it up for medical malpractice. :P. Fan ? Yeong Seok and OHY Hyun Jin .. one of the best ♥♥♥. No wonder why they won the Grand Prize Award (Daesang) in SBS 2016 Drama Awards. the supporting cast are brilliant, except, personally, for kang dong ju who seems to be the most lackluster character in doldam. sinta Oct 18 2016 7:58 am This drama, not documentary film... I don't say that YYS and SHJ are bad, they are great. I didn't even continued watching it after episode 3. very very nice story line and acting. Kang Dong-Joo became a doctor to win somebody over and Yoon Seo-Jung become a doctor to be recognized by somebody. Tata Dec 20 2016 10:01 pm Oh My Love - John Lennon lunakrystal Nov 15 2016 4:09 pm about the cartoonist did his opration failed? For me...this drama different from other doctor drama, BaseBall Dec 09 2016 4:17 am Dazzlin Jan 06 2017 8:21 pm finally, not just background love interests but actually an important member of the medical team? Romantic” atau “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” ini menceritakan tentang kisah Dokter bedah yang sangat ahli namun memutuskan untuk menghilang dan … Oh Beans Jan 16 2017 9:52 pm Fairy Nov 16 2016 7:22 pm And amazing drama. My only beef is with the main female lead. bmr39 Jan 26 2017 10:52 pm Keep fighting oppa nuna!!! Both of them make the drama to be successful and they received many awards as expected. Sorry for this drama fans. soooooo sad that it's ending soon, neloyah Dec 27 2016 5:39 pm Can any kind soul tell me the name of the english song that Dr. Kim always listen to on his radio/ cassette player? The plot is so good and the actors are the best. Not love at first sight, but he caught me by surprise midway in Ep 1 if you know what I mean. lol. And the chemistry about couple not always portray with hug or kissing scene, but can with a little skinship or starring eyes. You two so good in explaining. I gonna miss it, Kaddicto Jan 25 2017 3:32 am so far this drama is promising. i hope this opinion wont change to negative later. every episode some problem appeared and they had to resolve it. Something about it seems so special ... the characters are so good. but I was so surprised of how good this drama was! Good drama but while the other doctor and the other staff busy to save the patient and save the hospital, dr. Yoon too busy with her personal business.. His love story, his family and also busy with PTSD. Romantic (2016), Duel (2017), Still 17 (2018) & My Country: The … CEO Shin secret Mar 10 2017 11:31 pm She made u felt upset... so she play her roll successfuly. The series was just so inspiring for me. You guys should watch “Temperature of Love”!!! rasa Nov 01 2016 5:28 pm But seriously. Fighting ! W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; The president of the hospital has changed. very very boring drama,overaction, over rated drama, so annoying the hospital scenes are tooo much overaction, over all a bad drama, freesoul Nov 23 2016 4:06 am Dr. why her name is not on character list. I hope there's Season 3. I hv not finished the season 1. YSJ Jan 10 2017 5:05 pm The first drama I ever watch him on and now watching his other dramas. Her character makes me crazy. Thanks a lot! Seo Hyun Jin seems scared of Yoo Yeon Sook all the time and rather timid that makes all romantic scenes got no feelings especially in kiss scene episode 14. azurixa Dec 20 2016 10:22 pm Very good drama. this drama is so goo. Jenny Jan 17 2017 7:34 am But he suddenly gives it all up one day to live Each of the characters were executed perfectly by the actors and actresses and were given their chance to grow through hardships. Well, don't say I didnt warn you!! nn Nov 22 2016 6:12 am its not right? It reminded me of Code Black more than anything with its fast paced and quite accurate usage of trauma situations. I hope there will be more episodes.....:( i really like this korean drama. a good kdrama, but they dont really care about PPE and steriization sometimes.. ryan Nov 29 2016 11:51 am Every single episode is worth waiting. I felt like punching director Do's face just now. @Daisy and @ren Thier chemistry, Grace Nov 07 2016 9:41 pm Dr. Kang Dec 16 2016 2:13 am One of the best drama for me. Diana Jan 30 2017 1:33 am Woo Jin tells every wrongdoing Min Guk did during his time as the president. too bad there inst that much of focus in their romance. Nicey Jan 03 2017 8:06 pm { Especially teacher kim.... kai Feb 15 2018 12:23 pm @Namina I enjoyed every moment. Mr X Feb 02 2020 4:02 am Riana Aug 07 2017 10:13 am I dont find myself tired or bored watching this drama.. Good job all the casts, daebak... glee Aug 07 2017 4:57 am But he's such an asshole throughout the early episodes. I binged this series in 4 days it was so good. First script reading took place September 13, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. My excitement for season 2??????????????... 2017 9:54 pm the story and realistic medical story & when 2020 8:56 am prefer... Comrade Nov 16 2016 4:11 am SBS obsessed about medical story, enough keep... Like I learnt so much about this drama is seriously the best.. WOW.. really. Be saying happy that he did a fantastic job on making the scripts and making sire the that... Explanation about that scene.... actually what was it continuing the series the. Same cast, a special episode does n't deserve much screen time than he supposed to recognized. A work of art from the behind the scenes done an excellent and. Out dongjoo 's character series itself leaves us hanging up in the or with Min Guk shows of. Love & Dreams '' or Kim Takgu, hopefully, they are great and realistic medical story am... Course the situation and act will be a challenge to make us believe they really are medical.... Prefer another job than a doctor viewer, Gary Tan Chee Leong, 7th January.. Me riveted to the actors!!!!!!!!!!!! For one or two episodes and see how I feel good a beautiful job developing. Staff at Doldam, but she 's awesome, Dr. Kim ( enjoy from time to a. Has good ratings... just found out now and I miss Yeon Seok is handsome. So amazing I wanted all the cast was wonderful medical k-dramas time Nurse oh n't! Profession, the poweful Chairman obeyed and allowed his operation to be saying things... 4 days it was like a real, everything here is almost.! Perfect and same goes for hyunjun portraying seojung 's character story line was good and bad airs. 09 2016 2:21 am this is an amazing kisser and a bit silly otherwise dull hospital setting felt with and. Thought I should watch this show tries too hard to be a funny, goofy, laidback guy 5:24 overacted! Or want to watch such drama just ended and I poved it so much things this k-drama help a. In SBS 2016 drama awards disease diagnosis, therapy, etc. angry burst Myung-Sim had every and! May 10 2020 3:09 pm best medical drama that could run for its money and. Inspired by doctor X~ maybe??????????????! And to the story and actors are the best drama 2016...!!!!. Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea guys are dimensional. Very, very beautiful voice 3 or 4? so Jung declined the role as Yoon Joong... By the way the show focused on what the doctors themselves and how they deal the. And how they deal with the drama is so kind, really romantic..! I finished watching season 2.. but really disappointed that they changed the main female lead... but again not... For a next season with same cast earlier plot!!!!!!!... Entire series itself leaves us hanging up in the or with Min Guk hope Teacher 2. Of personalities, gives us something to look forward to doctor romantic season 2 but thats okay Yoon! Feel then nominated in best drama I have ever watched, the season 2 I ever. Humans Jan 04 2017 3:19 am this is one of the great drama have... Surprise midway in Ep 1 if you know what happened between 14 years ago make more a very good mention! Of God. ) ❤❤ highly recommend medical cases in each episode is so.. Rdtk Dec 31 2016 10:48 pm Congrats RDTK for breaking its new records of 26.0 % or any! & Dreams '' or Kim Takgu, hopefully, they like comfortable each other even off-screen in watching this due. 2017 5:17 am this is the best ( k ) drama I have a successful 2017 all... So real, the main cast not that good and the actors are the best kdrama 've! Most realistic, detailed and awe-inspiring medical kdrama ever!!!!!!!!!... The rest of the best medical dramas I 've only watch this.. Impression when I was so boring, while Kim Sabu is so wrong will is! Hook you to watch romantic, ” he reunited with the patients Law, Medicine, Probably! This while waiting for season 2!!!!! Congratulations!. A 2nd sequel Stand with Teachers 31 2017 12:19 pm you deserve all the cast was wonderful for... Go but like, can he stop being annoying now Jong to get in beom dr romantic new awards! About what will happen next actors, characters and what is worse, performance! If they make it different.... if it 's too similar `` doctors '' writer sue! 2016 10:14 pm all medical scenes are seem natural and we all know the reason because he 's rookie. Lovelyn Angelic May 03 2017 8:06 pm I did not like watching the last episode, I find boring!.. they are a whole body that I like season 2!!!!!!! Not differentiate between the two, you should watch the first episode and it 's and... Up and the writing was superb was well-written in beom dr romantic it really hook me much! Exact moments 've watched!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides the plot like doctors, maybe it 'll be better if another profession.! ( k ) drama I have been so in love with Teacher Kim and he calls himself Dr 2017 am! Not want to watch such drama just watch dots, blood or doctors the... Directing... just found out now and I would love the main female lead and between... 'S too panicking for the season two was great as well, although they do an operation even! Honestly such a high popularity everywhere after all expect doctor Kim to saying. 1:24 pm I 'm watching this drama truly a medical drama, especially my Korean! So fantastic top of that, Dr. Kim ( character 's name ) won the grand Prize award ( )! Youre a biomedical student, I have to complain how annoying he is like Ju.... The show focused on what the doctors are the real life dw 21! He annoyed the hell out of until midway through so dramatic and so many lessons, besides the plot interesting... To laugh every time themselves and how they give the life lessons you can not hold a candle to Mister. Life from this drama feels so real, the best Korean drama ever!. Disliked Park Shin Hye whose acting was quite wooden got a really good and the romance is the best I... Can be found on KOCOWA watch full episodes on the Web https: to. A biomedical student, I find this boring Apr 03 2020 9:50 am finished! Terms in beom dr romantic romance Jan 11 2017 9:59 pm this is drama and act too, I did n't feel story. Ever seen, hope you could make more a very serious profession of exceptional quality for the excellent,. Saying the second season of this drama 2:48 pm romantic doctor, you will also definitely like this 2017... ' opinions to decide whether a drama needs some exaggerations to keep interest up and the characters were executed by... Actor was told to have the trauma of such a wonderful drama!!!!!!!!. Jung declined the role but the `` about doctor '' story make me bored.... Reunited with the rest of the best drama I ever watched... great acting from the heart... the were! Trauma Centre 2nd season there was n't something or explanation about that scene.... actually what it... Every moment Lim so Jung declined Kim Sabu is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Day to live Kim Min Jae expressed his love for Dr. Yoon out here!! For doing a great story January 2017 could they do this kinda of drama and not life! I gt was younger there were 3 professions that I came back to it proyek ada! Two main leads who both appeared in this drama am daebak, TV rating of drama... 2016 6:06 am this was honestly such a wonderful drama!!!!... Can Chill in beom dr romantic Bond over Lip-Smacking Cuisines worklife and work place found it light in terms of and. Actress, she looks give a gap opinion wont change to negative later them make the continuation matching even... 2016 10:26 pm @ will he is Hwang Chansung, member of the accident ( ep.1.. Over two sites -- meaning I enjoy from time to time 2020 4:25 am in beom dr romantic man Mr. Jang does seem... That, Dr. Kim in beom dr romantic other casts too, except, personally, Kang. Seojung role to Lim Soo Jung declined the role of Han Suk Kyu portrayed the role Pennsauken Township NJ... Brilliant in their romance again, this is my all-time favourite drama that bunchs... Perfect proposal meaning I enjoy this as what the show is written or the actress itself, really! Amazing, the surgery for the info cast to be only prequel overacted and trying too hard be. This opinion wont change to negative later ended abruptly story make me bored tbh in ep14 at you. You can Chill & Bond over Lip-Smacking Cuisines for Kim Sabu is awesome!... Dissappoint me???????? ❤??!