In gardens the plant will be happy with ordinary soil. Othonna Capensis belongs to the Daisy plant family, featuring trailing stems that can be quite long. These plants need watering but water them only when completely dry, they need partial sunlight to thrive. Some of the plants in this list are the rarest succulents which are not easy to find. As they grow they will sprawl out naturally and start their hanging life. You can share your favourite hanging plant with us in the comments below , Copyright text 2019 by Succulent Growing Tips. This plant has thin dark green pointed leaves which are covered with small white fuzzy spines. Paper Spine Cactus has very fast growth and easy maintenance. Xerosicyod Danguyi is not a fast growing plant and can be difficult to propagate. This plant doesn’t need full sunlight and can easily thrive in shade. One needs to plant them in much drained soil and they need very less water to thrive. This plant is vine, but will hang nicely if kept in a tall pot or a hanging basket. However, when most people hear the word “succulents”, those fleshy beauties come to mind; not the wacky, spiny specimens which grow here in the Sonoran Desert. Only 2 available and it's in more than 20 people's carts. Just like with the Monkey Cactus above Disocactus Flagelliformis grows long stems that can reach a few meters if grown in a big enough pot or in the ground. These need to be planted in well drained soil and thrives well in shade but while they bloom they need sufficient amount of direct sunlight. The vine is quite a bit thicker than what you would see on Ceropegia Woodii and is dark green. They grow well indoors too, as long as they receive enough sunlight, and since String of Dolphins hates overly wet soil, it is ideal to use a well-draining one for them to thrive. This plant may prove a bit hard to care for as it is very specific in what it likes which is warm, humid, bright environment. General Sedum Facts. It … These plants have very thick and fleshy crinkled leaves of beautiful green color. 2 in. The size of this plant depends on its age as the diameter increases with it age, generally the diameter ranges from -16cm. While the nickname for this hanging cactus is a little unappealing, we can assure you that this plant is nothing but gorgeous, especially when it bursts out in flower. This plant is also known as Topsy Turvy, it is a complex looking plant with rosette of grey green leaves. Your email address will not be published. There are dozens if not hundreds trailing succulents out there. Tephrocactus articulatus is also known as Paper Spine Cactus. Paper Spine Cactus has very fast growth and easy maintenance. They are not very good with handling direct sunlight and may get burned so avoid direct sunlight and water frequently in summer season. In a hanging basket or a tall pot it will start drooping and hanging down as the leaves are quite heavy. Sedum genus contains many species form a pendant stem type. The shade lovers can be used on top of furniture, hung from the ceiling, planted in tall pots, in trees, hung from railings, planted in window boxes, wreath etc. Though they are easy to maintain but every succulent has its own need which depends on where they are planted and how they are planted. Here Are The 24 Best Hanging Succulents To Decorate Your Home 1. White and green pattern on leaves and albino leaves add to the already gorgeous plant that is famous for its ball-shaped leaves on long strings. This plant has tubular flowers of yellow color; it propagates through its leaves and grows very fast in spring months. Although this plant is becoming a bit more mainstream now, we’d still class it as rare due to the fact it is not easy to come by and quite expensive in many parts of the world. These 2 in. From shop CumberlandPlants. We leave our hearts outdoors and they seem to cope fine even in heavy rain. This will give a fantastic and unusual look to the garden or the verandah. This collection includes 20-stunning succulents. This two tone color plant is very easy to grow and low on maintenance. This plant is drought tolerant and needs direct sunlight to thrive; it has beautiful white flowers with yellow center. Buying seeds is always iffy. The height of this plant grows from 6-8 inches tall. It is extremely cute, but also slightly difficult to keep alive at times and perhaps the reason why this little succulent is a bit more rare than then rest. It has long flower stem with yellow and orange pretty flowers which goes up to 1 foot tall. Burro's Tail - Sedum morganianum The Sedum morganianum, also known as burro's tail, is an all-time favorite houseplant.