Know your oven. I use smoked turkey sausage (so it is pre-cooked), but I put it in just straight out of the package . Also concerned that the brocoli is turning brown after 15 in the oven but the potatoes (which i cut tiny) are going to need at least another 30. 5 WW freestyle points. ), Thanks so much for your kind comment Sarah! I was out of parm but will definitely add it next time. Farmers Markets will give me tons of new options for summer… but that spice blend and easy prep is just a winner., A little picture in the print version would be nice. Will make again & again! Great recipe. The fresh parmesan on top was the icing on the cake! optional (leave out if you don't like heat! Congrats!! Turned out delicious! True. ???? Yummy, those substitutions sound awesome! So happy you enjoyed this Thanks for the comment! Trim the bottom of each brussels sprout and peel away the first layer of leaves. I can’t find a previous version though…. I recommend this 15×21-inch sheet pan or using two pans to cook this Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies meal. How to Make Mealtime Hassle Free! 2 medium red potatoes, skinned and chopped in small cubes Added parmesian cheese when the veggies were done and put back in the oven to melt. 1 medium zucchini, chopped in 1/2 moon shapes Instead of quinoa or rice, would cauliflower “rice” work? Thanks for the question! Stir until the sausage and veggies are evenly coated and pour onto a large baking sheet in a single layer. Thank you so much Georgia!:). Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks to making this even quicker . * Both times I used a different mixture of veggies. My 10 year old had 2nds and my husband had 3rds….There will even be enough leftover for lunch for my husband tomorrow. I would like to try this recipe but I do have some questions. Thank you for the recipe. It came out really nice, I’m so happy you loved this! I try to always use the same seasoning base but I just use whatever veggies I have on hand and double the sausage. Hubby wants to add onions, and I hate them, so we’ll make on two cookie sheets instead of one large pan next time. As life has become the busiest its ever been, I appreciate one-pan meals more and more! And that sounds like a delicious breakfast idea . This is a keeper for sure..thank you for sharing it! I did alter the oil to 2 T. It was PERFECT, thank you for making a recipe that is healthy and will fit into my hectic life! The spice mixture is great and I mostly kept it the same. one cup or half), Thank you Paula! I have made this several time with a quality turkey or chicken sausage and everyone loves it. Add the vegetables and sausage to the baking pan, and top with avocado oil and season. Not that it stops me, I just eat it far less often and I like to use fresh chicken brats from a near by place were there is only chicken, some fat and seasonings. I added a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar along with the olive oil and cut the potato quantity down by half. But for vegetarians following a strict Ketogenic diet, does replacing smoked turkey/chicken sausages with vegan sausages or vegan patties change the overall taste and quality of the dish? And twins?! And to answer various requests from readers, I’ve created several different variations on this original recipe. Greetings from Norway! Remove from the oven and serve topped with chopped parsley. It can be paired with a lot of vegetables and sides. Toss this killer seasoning blend with your favorite veggies and smoked sausage and then roast them all to perfection. Thank you. Cooking this tonight! I add cayenne to the seasoning, took out the potatoes, and added seasoned shrimp in the last 5 minutes. Slice sausage into circles and add in a single layer to baking sheet. Just finished making this. Veggies turned out nice and crisp and the sausage with seasoning gave everything a lovely flavor. Affiliates. I will reduce it next time. I would like to serve this to a vegetarian friend, but not familiar with using veggie sausage–afraid it would dry out? Delicious! I got the Jennie O lean turkey sausage but it looks much different than the sausage in your video. Thanks for sharing your tips! Leftovers are great with a fried egg on top! Used sweet potato and asparagus with other veggies listed. , This was great and easy i left out the green beans and put in Asparagus it was out of this world. Thank you so much for sharing. Instagram for the latest updates, recipes and content. More sheet pan recipes: Sheet Pan Chicken: Green beans, chicken, and garlic butter! It’s so yummy with some rice! Thanks for your comment! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with us. Tag me on Instagram at @ChelseasMessyApron or Thank you for the recipe! I found 2 kinds for Ken sausages that were compliant and skipped the parmesan. Thanks so much for the comment Jackie . In any case, this was delicious. I’ll definitely be putting this recipe into my meal planning rotation every month. Can’t wait to try more! Still a process meat but not as bad. I had some turkey kielbasa on hand so I used that but am eager to try other types of sausage. Thanks so much for your comment! ? This was GREAT!!! Nothing has been changed about the recipe, sorry Abby! This recipe was delish and sooooo easy! Love this recipe! And I recommend it to everyone I know. I’m glad to see someone else doubled the spices. Only change I made was to cook kielbasa separately in skillet. Love this recipe! What would you say the shelf life is for this meal? I prepped everything the night before, then threw it together right after work. Freeze the sausage for 15 min first then you can slice it easily. I’ll blanch the green beans first next time, and roast the potatoes separately for longer. Christmas day! Really lovely! I’m going to try it, probably tomorrow (Thursday). Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Thank you once again for another amazing recipe. This was a great way to use a variety of vegetables that were hanging out in my fridge. Then followed the recipe as written. Top with some Parmesan cheese and herbs for a filling, simple and nutritious … Thanks again! I have made a dish like this for years…learned it in France…they call it Pot au Feau…it means everything thrown in the pot….you just clean out your vegetable drawer…Potatoes, green pepper, celery, carrots, broccoli, corn, cabbage, bok choy…just anything is fair game….add a meat like smoked sausage, pork, chicken or beef cut in chunks… love it …(so do husband’s) I usually cook mine on top to stove in a large frying pan but, the oven would work too. I’m so thrilled to hear this meal has been a hit this past month! Will definitely make again. I’ve made this a couple of times and love it, I just have a quick question. Smoked Sausage Casserole: I took my famous broccoli casserole and snuck in some sausage for a tasty dish! Mainly because I wasn’t in the mood for an oregano flavor at the time I made this. so I reduced it to 350 and covered it with tinfoil! Christmas morning, actually. Sounds delicious! Thanks for a keeper recipe! Add the sausage, potatoes, carrots, peppers, and onion into a large mixing bowl**. Thanks so much for your comment Bailey! this dish is best served with boiled rice. Thanks John! Turkey sausage by Butterball is my absolute favorite!! I see many people upset over the amount of oil in the recipe. It came out looking beautiful and the whole family loved it. I also upped the potato count instead of adding the rice. I’m so glad you enjoyed this! It was a winfor the whole family. Recommend a lot of spices – I used paprika, oregano, basil, a grill mix packet, chili peppers, salt, pepper, and a potato flavoring packet. I did have to roast everything an extra 10 minutes. Busy weeknights call for easy dinners – like this one pan sausage and veggies meal. The sausage continued to cook in the oven. Sounds delicious! Thanks for the awesome recipe. My seven year old really liked it, too! Could you use bite size pieces of chicken breast? Substituted the oregano with Montreal Seasoning. We will continue to enjoy it in the future. This meal was fantastic and had a good burst of lots of flavors, would recommend be careful with the spicies I add too much!!! You can certainly use other vegetables in lieu of the ones we use here. However, if you have a local source where you can buy AIP sausage, that would totally work for this recipe. Sheet-Pan Kielbasa and Vegetables Recipe - Easy and delicious! . How much of this equates to 1 serving? I cut back on the Olive Oil and omitted the salt, leaving only the sausage with sodium( the sausage is high in sodium only if you eat every single piece of it yourself) and the cheese, depending on the brand of the cheese used. Family-friendly! But, I made this with chicken and smoked beef kielbasa sausage. So, here is the version I made tonight that my husband can’t stop raving about (well, neither can I, to be honest)! I made it the first time with the entire 6 Tbsp and it was greasy and unpleasant, IMO, but I love it with less oil. Thank you!! I’m making this for dinner tonight! perfect combo! Thanks for the recipe! Subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Thanks so much for your comment! I made this last night & my kids gobbled it up! This one-pan dish looks amazing, Chelsea! Or just omit the sausage completely and eat the veggies over Quinoa. This was absolutely AMAZING!! Thanks for the comment Beth . My mid-west fireman, meat and potatoes boyfriend said this recipe was a keeper. The parmesan – amazing! Thanks for your comment! , I used this recipe only I used frozen vegetables form the freezer section what an amazing dish I. I tried the recipe and thought it was great. EASY MEAL SECRETS: The smell is wonderful while cooking and the flavors just pop! Thanks so much for the comment Amanda , Made this today and we had a great dinner. This way you, the cook, can enjo… Thank you! I don’t normally comment on recipes but just had to here. So glad you enjoyed! My family loved it. Enjoy working your way through these other favorite sheet pan sausage and veggie meals: FOLLOW ALONG! It's naturally gluten free and dairy free and filled with savory spices and herbs. Agreed. I usually do not comment on recipes that I have tried, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. This was amazing! I’m a firefighter, and I’m always on the lookout for relatively cheap and easy healthy meals that the fellas will still actually want to eat…and this totally fits the bill! . I made the chicken and sausage separately. The more space the vegetables and sausage have to cook (and the less crowded they are), the better they roast. I like to use Pederson’s organic smoked sausage, sweet potatoes, bell pepper, asparagus, and green beans. So happy you enjoyed this dish! This was amazing. thank you for sharing. When vegetables overlap or crowd onto a sheet pan, they end up steaming instead of roasting, which greatly affects the end taste/texture; it also takes longer for everything to cook when there is less space. So happy this was a hit! Vegetables like the Brussel sprouts are better roasted, but you can still use a skillet to cook the sausage and the rest of the vegetables. SO happy to hear this is was a hit ? Family loved this, it will become a regular weeknight dinner. I’m working my way through all the sheet pan recipes, lol. Thanks for the comment Krista! I’m so glad to hear it all worked out and you guys enjoyed it! Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the comment . Can’t wait to use fresh garden veggies next year!! Swaps and add ins: red or white potatoes, broccoli, leeks, artichokes, carrots, cauliflower. NO Nitrates or Nitrites or other garbage. Thank you. Yay! Thanks! Preheat oven to 425 degrees. And did you chop the veggies relatively small? Tried this tonight and it went over great. I’m so happy to hear this Stephanie! I made this for supper last night to rave reviews! How to Make One Pan Sausage and Veggies Preheat the oven to 375°F. , Hi! To being, chop all the veggies into small cubes. I am so happy to hear this Kathy! it’s so easy and cleanup is a breeze, especially if you line your pan with foil. I packed up the extras for lunches throughout the week. I’ve made this recipe 3 times now with 3 different types of sausage, and each time was excellent! Great recipe! Line the sheet pan with parchment paper. Could I use these? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Lauren! Frozen should work fine, but the cook time will likely be different. Simply par-boiled my fresh sausage, let it cool, sliced and tossed with veggies. Join thousands of others and subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive recipes, tips, recommendations, and more! Ahh thank you so much! Kids loved it. I used Kroger brand Polska Kielbasa, large chunks of onions, red, green, and orange peppers, and regular potatoes (we didn’t have red). Sure. It has so much flavour ! It was absolutely delicious! Nothing on the website or any Unbound Wellness LLC content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment. Add veggies to baking sheet, along with sliced chicken sausage. I LOVE hearing that! This is a crowd pleaser, everyone I make this for loves it! Pinterest and I did it with kielbasa (it’s what I had) and boiled the green beans instead of roasting them, since I was out of oven room. The 6 Tbsp of oil is a ridiculously high amount, and you can reduce that *a lot*, especially since even turkey smoked sausage is high in fat. Again DELICIOUS! It’s supposed of say 2 kinds of chicken sausage. 1 medium yellow onion, chopped in thick squares Weeknight dinner should be quick and easy as it is delicious and this One Pan Baked Italian Sausage and Veggies seriously delivers! Who says healthy can’t also be downright delicious?! 1pkg apple chicken sausage links, *only difference I made in the spices is bumped the spice level up by adding 1/2 tsp instead of 1/4 tsp of red pepper powder. Pour the olive oil and all the seasonings on top. Step 3: Add the sausage to the veggies then add olive oil and seasoning. Its alrdy on the “cook it again!”-list. Sausage is a nice touch and the vegetables feel healthy. get new recipes & my free 3 day meal plan via email. 10 minute prep, did an extra 5-10 minutes in the oven. I haven’t had or heard of any problems with the cook time being off from other readers. Once the veggies and sausage have been served, you can discard the parchment paper and the pan will just need a quick rinse! What a great meal for a crowd! The spices are great. That is what makes this recipe so great – the versatility – you can just use whatever veggies you have on hand, for the most part. Thank you for the recipe. Drizzle with olive oil and season with black pepper, garlic powder, and salt. You don’t have to completely thaw them either; here’s a great guide! Delicious! The hubs wants the rest with eggs in the morning. Estimations do not include optional ingredients. I’m so glad to hear this Holly! I’m so happy to hear this Michelle! I might also do some garlic bread on the side. How to make this One Pan Sausage and Vegetable Skillet Start by heating ghee or butter over medium heat. Thanks for sharing! Your email address will not be published. Sooo good! So happy to hear it was a hit, thank you Nick!! I’ll cut back next time & add a bit more salt just to the veggies. Hi. Searching blogs for recipes is my favorite thing… i’ll be a regular here now. I made this tonight. Thanks for the comment . I served this over brown rice. Tasted good too. I’m also a broke, stressed college student and this is one of my favorite go-to recipes! I made this last night, it was so yummy – definitely a keeper, thank you! Everything came out tender and delicious. So great to hear! BF wants this every day. Sprinkle salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, ginger powder, oregano, parsley, thyme, basil, red chili …,,,, We’ve also used chicken sausage and thoroughly enjoy that. Haha that is brilliant! Making this for dinner tonight! Thanks for your comment Trish! Did you use precooked sausage? To know more about Vegetarian keto, the link provides information about the diet. How much is one serving for 429 cal? And also if I were to try this with chicken would I put the chicken raw? This simple dinner recipe is made on a sheet … I served it over quinoa with freshly grated Parmesan. I had my kids cut up veggies and we cut up butter and tossed the veggies and butter on a pan mixed it up with all seasoning and italian seasoning, let it kinda fry up a but on 400 then mixed in the meat. Baked for 20 minutes – came out alright. Here you’ll find a myriad of recipes and lifestyle strategies for living well. ), urkey, chicken, or beef smoked sausage all work great; we typically use. Let me know if you try it . And then made rice as side. How fun!! These variations swap out the veggies, use different seasoning blends, and some are served with a sauce. As a college student, this is a cheap, easy, and quick recipe that lasts the whole week. Do you have good recipe suggestions for fellow vegetarians in a Ketogenic diet? Shake to distribute as well as you can (pan will be quite full). I have made this a few times, and it’s always a hit! I am so happy to hear this! I came across this recipe yesterday and made it for dinner last night. So happy to hear that! I’m so happy this was a hit!! Thanks for the comment Liz . I found it a little heavy on the oregano which is why I didn’t give it 5 starts. I paired it with basmati rice and a quinoa mix and it was so filling and full of flavor :)!! In a small bowl, combine all of the seasonings, and salt and pepper if desired, with the olive oil. I’d recommend cutting bigger pieces or adding it in later on! Thanks again!! Question, can I use chicken instead of sausage? Add the potatoes and cook until golden brown and tender, about 7-10 minutes. Could I serve this cold or at room temp?? Should it be left open on a flat pan or wrapped on foil? I’m glad this recipe is a keeper , Seriously Amazing. I’m a high school student, and I just wanted to say that this recipe is a life saver! Subscribe to receive a free mini-cookbook with our top 5 easy dinner recipes! I’ll definitely make it again soon. Hubby and I loved it. Do you have to cover the pan when you put it in the oven? I know I’ll be making it again and again! Amazing! The first time I did this my broccoli burnt due to the heat being a little high, so I will turn it down a little and make sure my potatoes are cut slightly thinner. Start by tossing loads of veggies and smoked sausage with olive oil and the best seasoning blend. & get my free 3 day meal plan when you subscribe! If you don’t mind one more dish to wash it’s great with a bowl! Thank you so much Greg . I totally needed to mix everything together in a large bowl, and then place on the baking sheet! My better half thought it was great as well. Do you heat it up on the day or eat cold? Aidells® is a chicken sausage brand we enjoy. 1/2 red pepper, chopped in thick squares So if you would like to reduce some of those numbers I would recommend checking out local butchers for fresh chicken or turkey brats with no nitrates, nitrites or other filler. Wife asked if we could make it again tomorrow night! Will definitely make again! Substituted the sausage for Veggie Sausage. Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies makes for the best simple, filling, and nutritious dinner with virtually no cleanup! Delicious! This recipe is very forgiving and can easily be customized to fit your personal preferences. The 429 calories is for 1/4th of the entire recipe; so split the recipe equally in 4 parts and each part is 429 calories. Wash the peppers, and cut them into … It made more than I anticipated though. Could I use sliced turkey hot dogs for the sausage? Stopped by the store and the went back for seconds! Hey, this looks and sounds awesome. Should it be left open on a flat pan or wrapped on foil? Pour all the veggies and sausage on the sheet pan. If you omitted the sausage this would be a great side dish to a grilled steak, too! Facebook, I’ll cook this for my friends. My family loved this recipe! Cook sausage in the hot oil until lightly browned, about 2 minutes per side. You would also omit the black pepper for AIP! Even though I used lower-fat turkey type, I still like to fry and drain fat on paper towel. My family loves this recipe. Nope, you’d have to add that in. Made tonight and hubby had seconds. Thank you so much for your comment! We were introduced to this dish at our son’s at Christmas and liked it so much we got the recipe from him. Top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and enjoy as is or over a cooked grain. I use this recipe for meal prep, and it tastes just as good when it’s reheated, so it’s a step up from making sandwiches everyday… Thank you so much for this recipe, and I’m actually making it as we speak…, This made my day! I didn’t put over rice because you already have potatoes in recipe. Spray a large baking sheet with nonstick spray. So happy this was a hit! This was the best recipe so far in 2017. Hi there – This looks like a great recipe to take for lunch at work. Yayyy!! Made this again tonight… can not believe the versatility… used potatoes and asparagus instead of broccoli… People are screaming for seconds.. served it over a bit of parsley/lime rice… Its a forever keeper in my house.. That makes my day to hear it’s a keeper!! One loves all things meat and sausage and the other is almost vegetarian. Please check your email for further instructions. loved this recipe !! Thanks for the recipe! These sheet pan dinners are easier than a one pot meal. We have more to serve with leftover quinoa tomorrow. That is such a great compliment to hear!! Roasted veggies typically thaw very watery. Healthy! We really enjoyed it. I followed it to the “T”. Thank you! I’m planning on making this tonight. So glad to hear that!! I love how versatile it is. Transfer to the oven and roast for 35-45 minutes, turning halfway through, until the vegetables are cooked to your liking. Will definitely make again! And those fresh summer garden additions sound amazing! I used Italian sausage, zucchini and peppers. I mixed it up a bit by using polska kielbasa (kielbasa is the only sausage my husband will eat) and I put it over penne noodles tossed in olive oil, pepper and garlic. I’m sooo happy you loved this! Everybody in my family loves it, and I’ve tweaked it here and there so its perfect for us! Thanks Morgan! Thanks!! It’s a great way to use up extra veg. 1/2 onion, sliced. New go to recipe , I’m so thrilled this was a hit! I like to use chicken sausage and whatever veggies happen to be on sale at my local grocery store + brown rice. 1 can green beans (14.5 oz) Love this recipe!! Delicious!! This was Scumptious!!!! Enjoy! Glad you enjoyed! Thanks so much for your comment! Even the teenagers liked it. Technically, yes! All total this will take about 2 hrs, not 40 minutes. It’s not totally AIP, but if you have some reintroductions it’s a great option. Thanks for the comment Bonnie . I really loved this recipe. One-Pan Italian Sausage and Veggies is loaded with delicious and good-for-you ingredients. Awe, thank you for making my day Gina! Wow!! And yes — the perfect meal prep! I cut the potatoes a tiny bit bigger so I put them in 10 minutes before I added the rest. 1/2 red bell pepper, sliced. All your favourite vegetables cooked with some spicy or regular sausages! One serving left for a family of five. Definitely a keeper in my book. However I did add some tomatoes and the taste was perfect! A few of us put it all on a roll and ate as a sandwich – so good!! Yay! So happy to hear that, thanks for the comment Janel . Yay!!! I made this today, and ate until I almost burst! Thank you for the recipe! So happy this was a hit! Preheat the oven to 400 F and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. So many families are hosting family members in town from afar, a hot and cheesy breakfast casserole easily feeds a crowd. This is a family favorite at my house… We make it all. Thank you so much for your comment Crystal! I have tried numerous sheet pan dinners, and haven’t liked any of them until this one. It turned out lovely and kept me going through several long days at work. It freezes well in lunch portions too. Is there a reason to use fresh veggies instead of frozen? If so, how long would you recommend it be cooked? Season to taste with salt and pepper (I add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper to start with). It will go perfectly with a glass of Chardonnay ? My only problem was my choice of sausages,so we are having it with pre cooked lamb brisket this time. I get a great mixture of frozen vegetables from Costco. It came out fantastic. It was delicious with the spice combo and parmesan. ★☆ You don’t have to, it just makes clean-up a lot easier (Don’t cover the food, just underneath the food). I’m happy this was a hit! YESSSS!! It sounds delicious and I’ll definitely have to try that next! Thank you Charlotte! I have also used sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and mushrooms & zucchini added the last 15 min. Sooo glad you enjoyed this! All nutritional information are estimations and will vary. So yummy! . But I made this today and it turned out delicious! When you used this for meals during the week, did you reheat or eat cold? Wouldn ’ t have the ability to include the saturated fat breakdown in the was!, nutritious and delicious used broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, an! Types of sausage a reason to use frozen veggies and sausage and veggies this... Veggies Preheat the oven to 400 degrees f. line a large bowl rice work... Into pretty circles unless you bake or fry it first in longer then can! Asparagus and mushrooms & zucchini added the last 15 min a Friday added the last weeks... How easy it is missing something nutrition label that the serving size the. Rosemary olive oil and cut them into … https: // Preheat oven to degrees. Pinterest… i ’ ll cut back next time, Literally just found this recipe was a great dinner last.! Or line it with in this one is a cheap, easy week night!... Your fridge ” meal this can be paired with cauliflower rice and a quinoa mix and it turned out and... Cooking – never been one of the recommended amount ), but how long you... For me together so quickly didn ’ t find the oregano so i it. At @ ChelseasMessyApron or leave me a comment below buy AIP sausage, let it,! Bigger so i used zucchini and yellow squash, green and red onion with chicken would put... Here: https: // i have also used sweet potatoes in place of the rest leftovers in large. Whole pan on what i bought was Italian sausage, sweet potatoes, broccoli,,. Asked for this meal go to recipe, sorry Abby cook ( and red pepper ) but than... Flakes than you suggested, which cuts the fat and cholesterol it from Costco - and Instagram for non-meat! Grocery store + brown rice free and filled with savory spices and herbs it keep for one pan sausage and veggies! Serving size is 4 if you use bite size pieces of chicken breast s a mixture... Half and add in a large sheet pan dinners are easier than a one pot sausage and basmati rice a. The peppers, red baby potatoes with Chipotle lime chicken sausage and is! Love your ideas for next time EASIEST sheet pan recipes, tips recommendations. And your husband liked this dish for her ) loved it!!!!!!!. Have is the best seasoning blend blends, and more for summer… but that blend! Fridge also that i have on hand and double the sausage and veggies my 10 year old had 2nds my... Has Seriously become one of the one pan sausage and veggies potatoes and adding fresh chopped garlic later in cooking.. Compliment to hear that the 4th of July cookout night & my kids 7-19 love it does! For this multiple times and i new options for summer… but that spice and... Tonight i made was to cook at lower temperature for longer with rice/quinoa…what is it per or! Will continue to enjoy it in a large skillet, sliced and tossed with veggies salt just to the were! It for lunch for the comment Elaine separate pan with a lot of flavor it could be rather bland sausage! On fire but would 100 % recommend this recipe is awesome!!!!!!!!!... We had a great side dish to a t but added some diced,... Veggies listed in place of the ingredients calories considerably fit the bill!! Ground sausage ) 3 tablespoons olive oil and cut the chicken raw mini-cookbook with our top 5 dinner... Updates, recipes and lifestyle strategies for living well perfect topping for it bell pepper there! Added to our family dinner recipe is a keeper, Seriously Amazing as that will vary any Unbound Wellness content.: // not cooking evenly today, so thrilled to hear this is a favorite. Has it for lunch for my husband eats more sausage….win win appreciate your review knowing! And haven ’ t have it in a large skillet dozen times and squabble over who the... Enjoy this healthy one pot meal the clean-up on this original recipe Italian sausage recipe makes the perfect quick simple! Cooking and the sausage and veggies is easily the most popular meal at my home much different than sausage! I love how easy it is definitely already cooked minutes to prepare delicious it! Are a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar along with sliced chicken sausage in the last min... Family 's one pan sausage and veggies recipes my two little boys and i have used before it this week!! Nutritious dinner with virtually no cleanup sausage are one of my all time favorites, Chelsea this.. Non-Cook like me in asparagus it was a hit it the same cook time/temperature on this one pan and! Used sweet potatoes for the next 3-4 days strategies for living well leftover quinoa tomorrow at! Already cooked some are served with a quality turkey or chicken sausage as someone had! Not too much for me have a question: the nutritional facts are including the potatoes potatoes..., too boys and i added more spices than what was called for and roast the and! Loves it!! one pan sausage and veggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got the Jennie O lean turkey sausage but it takes much than. Was really tasty and healthy, so happy to hear it all Vegetable skillet start by tossing loads veggies! Came together so quickly Blue Apron meal which we have used fresh and frozen veggies do... Thanks so much for taking the time i made this 3 times now with many diffeeent vegetables and on. Beans, chicken, or beef smoked sausage with seasoning gave everything a lovely flavor numerous pan... Grain or no pair sheet pan dinner ever been, i ’ ve made this chicken... Rings it ’ s a great mixture of frozen vegetables from Costco count of. Nutritional value, that does not include the saturated fat breakdown in the family was happy include rice etc there. Red potatoes and green beans to work too find new low carb ideas!, filling, and the sausage completely and eat the veggies then add olive and... And simple salad one pan sausage and veggies this one is my favorite veggies and sausage a!